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    Hockey player makes kid’s day. [video]

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    Close up of the new jigs from Siebert Outdoors! All ⅜ oz.

    Black/Blue Dredge Brush Jig
    Bama Craw Dredge Brush Jig
    Black/Blue Arky Head Jig
    Watermelon Red Arky Head Jig

    The craftsmanship is unbelievable! Can’t wait to use them! #fishing #bass #jigs #jigaholic

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    Josh Clark, backside 180 nosegrind in the new issue of Concrete Skateboarding Magazine.

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  5. we went to this book shop called the book bear, and its only used, rare, and classic books. the only organization to it is a broad topic then that isle is just thousands of books from novels to text books to short stories on that topic in a giant cluster fuck. the shelves are three stacks deep. literally impossible to find something specific so you kinda just wonder around until you find something that tickles your fancy.


  6. i moved into my fiances place.
    i packed up everything id need and left everything else.
    i have more books here than clothes.

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    Boston Bruins

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    Guest room serradurbar

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  11. not by any means do i miss being stoned every day. being burnt out and awkward and slow and stupid everywhere i went was terrible now that i think of it. but i really really really really fucking miss smoking a bowl then blasting music and playing xbox in my room before bed. moderation is key. SO once i get my shit together and everythings settled down im really gonna start growing a few plants here and there. such an expensive habbit smoking is

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