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    Possibly the Quickest KO in MMA History…(x)

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    In the wake of tragedy, these teams came together and made us feel one, and made us feel… Boston Strong. 

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    you fucking stop that.

    your foot didn’t touch the floor.

    how the actual fuck???

    bs no foot comply? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

    Don’t understand

    …..one foot bs 360???

    Fucking Trent

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  3. I'm irish and I hate beer. Help

    drink whatever you like im as irish as you can be and you dont see me eating black pudding and soda bread every day =p  theres always whiskey too


    All of the books I’ve bought/received so far this year (alternatively known as, evidence of thebooker’s complete lack of self-control)

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    Lefty tts

  5. i aint been straight with god since he dropped my ass on earth
    (you gon’ burn for that!)

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    '72 Cheyenne with a 454

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